Why Hearne Lake?

Ten Reasons Why

Points to consider and questions to ask :

Most lodges are summer only and run by managers,  not Hearne Lake Lodge, we are owner operators and live year round at the lodge.  This allows us to open earlier and close later, putting you into the best fishing available. We make you feel at home because you are. Our Home! 

 Limiting our capacity to a max of 8 fishers at one time allows us to work closely with you. We are fisherman serving fisherman.  This is a life style for us and we enjoy sharing it with you. You will have the drop camp atmosphere with all the conveniences of a full service lodge. 

1/ Privacy - No settlements or other people on the Lake. We only have four boats on the entire lake and river system.  Imagine fishing all day and not seeing another boat. 

 2/ Lake and river Fishing from the same lodge - With many islands just out front of the lodge and the inlet river system to provide shelter from the wind means no days sitting in the lodge waiting for better weather. The lodge is strategically placed mid point of the lake. You are 1/2 hour by boat to either end.  

3/  Put your wallet away- No scanning of your credit card, no extra surprise billing.  For a limited time, even your fishing license and all taxes are included in our price. Book Now!!  The only thing you will need to bring, if you require them, are alcohol and boat snacks, ie. chips, chocolate bars etc.  Your lunch and dinner will come with a home made desert. You will also have a delicious breakfast cooked fresh for you. 

4/ Guides - At most lodges guides are compulsory, not so at Hearne. We don't use guides because you won't need them.  Except for a shore lunch and meal of the smaller fish,  we have been catch and release since our start in 1998 so the great fishing starts at the dock.  We have created the ideal experience for the "serious, independent fisher" but at the same time offer all the support that a less experienced person would want.  You'll be supplied with detailed maps and two-way radio to stay in touch with the lodge or other boats,  so if you can operate an outboard or would like to learn, you are set.  You may also want to take advantage of the supplied fly rods and free lessons.  While some of the best fish every year are caught right from the dock, the true wilderness experience begins just minutes away from the lodge. I share my time among all the guests if you need or want a little guidance.  As you can tell from our trophy photo pages, I will not leave you to wander around all week looking for the big one. 

5/ Alcohol - You are more than welcome to bring your own alcohol and beverages to the lodge. We supply the fridge, ice, mix, (your preference) glass wear, etc.  When you visit Hearne Lake Lodge you do not have to budget for the typical expensive bar service associated with a fly in lodge. We do not supply or include alcoholic beverages.  Alcohol can be pre ordered from the Yellowknife "Liquor Shop" and depending on your order size delivered to the float plane base. (see our links page)

6/ Fishing Equipment - With advance notice, we can supply all the equipment you need.  Or bring your favorite reels and use our rods.  We supply lite ugly sticks, spinning reels and heavier trolling rods with level-wind reels and a variety of fly rods from 3 to 8 weight.  I do suggest you bring along your favorite line in case I run  out.  I use 20 pound fireline original fused for spinning and 15 pound mono for Lake Trout jigging.  

7/ Communication- I know you probably do not want to think about phone or wi-fi internet access while here, but we supply both free during your visit.   If you do not want to travel with your laptop, we can supply you with one.   So bring along your email password(s) etc.  Also your camera patch cord, battery charger, memory stick or blank disc, for photo and video storage.   I will be more than happy to put your group photos and videos on CD or DVD for you.  

8/ References- We will always try to give you a reference from a repeat fisher who has or will be attending the same week as you. The fishing is always great but the methods change. We will never book you into a week that does not meet your expectations. We live, eat and fish along side our guest and tell it like it is. 

9/ Lodging & Food- All meals and desserts are all home cooked and served fresh.  After booking we will be contacting you to see if you have any allergies, special request or needs. Serving only 8 guest allows you to make yourself feel at home. Some of our guest feel so at home they have visited us repeatedly for over ten years! 

10/ Travel Light- When traveling with fishing rods and associated gear you may want to pack light on the clothes to prevent having to pay for extra baggage. We do not  provide a public laundry, but if needed we can always run a wash for you. All you have to do is ask. 

          These are all items that are included with your trip

 Any questions at all feel free to call us 1-867-679-0390 

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