Our Ideal Client

As you can tell from our many photos,

Our Ideal Clients are moderately experienced fly and traditional fishers who don't need a fishing guide or want a stranger in their boat. Our clients would rather self-guide the boat and call the shots, in other words our ideal clients are just like us, love fishing and want to fish Canada's north with a friend or relative without a guide and at the same time have all the support you need. We provide the group drop camp atmosphere, but still provide all the safety and luxury of a full lodge. We live at our lodge year round so we can also provide free internet and phone service to US and Canada. Supplied lap top if needed. 

 Safety is our main concern and all the boats have radios, maps and signaling device. 

  After arrival, you will want to get on the water as soon as possible, so while you are assembling your rods in the lodge and having a quick lunch or snack Ken will go over the lake structure and depths and provide you with a map and all the knowledge you will need that first day. The great fishing starts at the dock where you will get instruction on operating a Yamaha four stroke outboard. There is no need for a bone jarring 30 mile ride to get to fish. Away you go to explore the lake with its many bays and islands.  Once you get your feet wet so to speak, and want a little more information, Ken is always available to spend time with you.  He tries to spread his time with anyone who wants to learn a few local techniques, like downrigging for monster lake trout. 

You will be guided your first trip up river for Grayling and if you wish to return you can go on your own.  We can also supply fly rods for those who want to experience this wonderful sport. 

If this describes you, give us a call. 

Your hosts,  Ken Yoder and Edie Dul

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