June 2015

Our third trip to Hearne and by far the best ever, thanks to wonderful hosts.  Great improvements, great food and Ken & Edie are fantastic!  We'll be back

Allan C. - Alberta

Sooooooo comfortable here and the fish were so accommodating.  Might have to bring a bigger fly rod for the lake trout, thought the 6 weight would break a few times.  Great company and loved the dogs.  Overall a very relaxing stay.

Gord M. - Alberta

Caught fish all day, slept great at night, had a great time in between!!  Spotted a bear and a moose, and the sunsets are amazing.  A great place run by great people.

Norm L. - Alberta

My 3rd trip to Hearne was a blast!  Fished with Ken, who caught a 22.5 lb trout on an ultra light rod.  Edie and Ken make Hearne the best fishing experience in my life and I've been fishing for over 80 years.  I'm coming back in 60 days!

Vernon C. - Illinois

Another wonderful fishing adventure!  The changes to the lodge are superb.  I feel at home when I am here with you both.  I will be back next year to visit and catch the large fishes.  Thank You!

Ameet R. - Calgary

Beautiful experience, superb fishing and accommodations.  Thanks for the wonderful week, will definitely return!

Stewart G. - Calgary

July 2015

Thanks for sharing your paradise.  Great hosts made the visit, felt like staying with family.  Fin fishing and had some great sleeps.  Another excellent experience int he NWT.

Luigi M. - Ontario

had an awesome trip up here at the lodge!  Great weather and even better company!  Smoked the boys all weekend with the "five of diamonds".  Will definitely be back in Yellowknife for some more fishing next year.  Best part = Vegan muffins.  Thanks again!!

Taylor & Benjie C - Ontario

We have had it with this place!  We've had the best hospitality, food, lodging and fishing.  Edie & Ken as well as Reilly, have looked after us,made us feel welcome, shared stories and wisdoms to make our stay very, very enjoyable.

The only problem is that it's Wednesday and the plane back to Yellowknife came way too quick.

Ken & Greg - Alberta

Thanks for the great experience & a great time.  Loved the hospitality & stories.

Ron P. - Alberta

Thanks for the amazing week! Between the great fishing and mushroom hunting, I can honestly say this has been one of the best vacations I've ever had.  I hope to return soon!

Rob C. - Tennessee

Memorable & first rate week.  Pike: Big & numerous  Grayling: Great trip up the lake and river, scenic and fun  The sights: Incredible, even if part of it was the forest fire  The caveat: I think I gained weight from too much good food.  The best camp dogs we've ever met.

Ed C - Tennessee

Five Star accommodations, Five Star hosts.  Fishing was excellent, meals were awesome, very comfortable surroundings.  Ken & Edie, Thanks for everything, you made it a once in a lifetime experience.

Rick R. - Alberta

Sarah and I had a wonderful field visit, lots of peatlands to study!  Thank you for the delicious food and great hospitality.  We hope to be back next year.

Laura B - Michigan

We had a wonderful stay.  Great food, great people, great fishing.  Thank you so much for everything.  We will miss this place.

Ethan, Parker, Memphis and Chris S - Alberta

Thank you so very much for the hospitality, good old fashioned cooking and great fishing!

Sylvia & Murray L - Alberta

A beautiful setting, fantastic food, fabulous fishing, great company and conversation.  Thanks you and all the best

Ben & Derek L - Alberta

So appreciative of the hospitality.  Lots of laughter, comfort and adventure.  A beautiful, magical land.  And filled to the gills with wonderful meals.

Ted A - B.C

Thanks so much for the great hospitality and the good environment for our vacation.  ken is a fantastic guide and can always find the fish and Edie is a superb cook.  Together you guys are a great team.

Cam & Kelsey - Alberta

August 2015

So great seeing you guys!  Wonderful trip as always!

Erin B - Alberta

Edie's food was as great as the view and the fishing!  What a wonderful place!  Thank you!

Landon - Alberta

Once again a great time with you guys.  Enjoyed the great outdoors and of course the fabulous hospitality & great eats!  Will miss you guys!

Frank B - Alberta

Not a place for people on a diet!  The pike were biting & sun was shining.  Great time!  See you soon.

Bruce J - Saskatchewan

First time, came with my big brother.  Had the time of our lives!  Broke my personal best Pike 3 times, caught a 30 lb on the last cast of the trip.  Great food, great people, can't wait till next year.  Thanks for a great experience,

Lou & Gerry C - Ontario

Awesome fishing again!  Super company and excellent food.  We will be back for more fun!

Russel C - Alberta

My first time here and was totally amazing!  I had the best fishing of my life and some of the best food.  Edie is amazing and ken is a great guide.  This place is top notch all the ay!!  We will be back but for longer next time.

Derek L. - Alberta

September 2015

Thank you for making my 4th trip to Hearne better than ever.  Looking forward to another trophy next year.  All the Best.

Vernon C. - Illinois

Didn't think it was possible but you made the second time better than the first!!  Hope you can keep the bears at bay because I plan on coming for a third time.  Looking forward to seeing Ken in Chicago so I can introduce him to some of our Chicago Bears (an American football reference)  Have a great rest of the season and winter.

Larry A. - Illinois

I have fished many places across this great country of ours and i may have just found the best place ever.  When you catch and release 50+ lake trout and pike every day, you know you found a very special place and one that may very well tempt me to come back.  Add that to the knowledgeable and friendly owners, Ken & Edie, who are always there to make sure you are well looked after.  The hospitality, food -"outstanding"-, accommodations, fishing boat & equipment are perfect for the serious fisher.  My 42" pike, 35" lake trout, plus the 100's of others of significant size will not be forgotten and forever cherished.  i certainly recommend Hearne lake Lodge to anyone who wants a first class fishing experience.

Wiho P. B.C.

Thank you so much for everything.  You are both gracious for host & hostess and so welcoming.  Edie your cooking is soooo good.  Ken, you are always there with advice, directions and help.  I will be back soon for my 7th trip.

Ross S. Alberta

Thank you for being such great hosts.  Edie your meals were superb, Ken your knowledge of the lake & help were outstanding.  Fishing incredible - Scenery (especially sunsets) OMG.  For 6 days total "peace of mind"  Thank you, I will return.

Dennis L - Australia

I can't explain in words what a wonderful trip we had.  i personally have dreamed of fishing in the far North my whole life.  But, this exact trip has been my brother's dream for 25 years.  He has wanted this trip for himself, me and our stepfather, and Hearne Lake lodge delivered!  The two of you were wonderful hosts and the lakes and rivers sure produced the fish.  The memories we now have are priceless.  Thank you!

Peter O. Michigan

What a great time!  Thank you for the hospitality.  Awesome fishing!  Beautiful scenery and lots of laughs!  I hope we can come back some day.  Highly recommend.

Ralph O. - Michigan

I had the pleasure of being invited to this wonderful place by my girlfriend.  The food was great, the fishing was a blast, the hosts most welcoming and I slept like a baby.  I'm already looking forward to coming back again.  What a great part of the world.  I saw it last Summer from the seat of a water bomber (tanker 290), and have now come to appreciate the the closer you get, the prettier it is.  See you soon.

Scotty B - NWT

I had the great fortune of winning two nights at this glorious lodge in the "Be a Tourist in Your Own Town" contest.  This was my first time at a fishing lodge, and it far exceeded my expectations.  The lodge itself as cozy, warm and very welcoming.  Ken and Edie were the kindest hosts, ensuring we had a lot of fun, were fully prepared and well fed!  Edie makes the most delicious chocolate chip cookies!  The fishing is extraordinary and there is so much beautiful lake to explore.  We caught and released many trout and pike.  We enjoyed a hike up Twin Falls, lunch on random islands and exploring the burned forest area.  The hot tub was also quite nice on chilly evenings- and watching Northern Lights on the dock.  Thank you for this incredible adventure.  I'll try my hand at winning again next year.  I will be back!  Much appreciated

Kristen R. - NWT

Another trip that exceeded expectations.  Fishing was amazing, weather was amazing, scenery was spectacular.  Can't say enough about the hosts.  Thank you so much

Tim D. - Alberta

June 2014

Thank you Ken & Edie.  Hearne Lake Lodge is "more".  More beautiful, more relaxing, more fun, more delicious, more peaceful!

Alta - Australia

Merci Beaucoup pour votre magnifique accueil.  Ce fut tres reposant.  Bonne Chance avec les roches et mineraux.  Merci encore Ken & Edie!

Simon - Quebec

Magnifique trip de peche personne amical.  Merci pour cette belle experience

Francis - Quebec

Have been fishing for 80+ years and have never, ever had a better time with the most really nice camp owners, who can't do enough to make your fishing experience the best ever.

Vern C. - Deerfield, IL

July 2014 

Absolutely outstanding!  Awesome rooms, fishing, food, especially the shore lunch!  Make sure you put jam on your pike and beans on your trout.  Loved it here, will for sure come back.

Greg F. - St. Albert, AB

Ken & Edie.  What wonderful hosts.  Grandson Greg and I enjoyed the whole experience just TOO MUCH!  We will return again and again.  Thanks for making the memories!

Ken C. - St. Albert, AB

Great fishing, great hosts!!  Amazing time with good people!  Thanks Ken & Edie

Tyson R. - Medicine Hat, AB

An escape to the wilderness with the comfies of home at your reach.  True hospitality shown every day! Thanks for everything!

Chad B. - Lethbridge, AB

Really enjoyed my time at Hearne Lake, great people, great fishing, clean lodge with real good food!

Danny M. - Medicine Hat, AB

Edie & Ken:  Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome and being so helpful.  The week was wonderful!  Now to figure out how to get back...

Steve S. - Hamilton, ON

Wonderful hospitality, amazing food and beautiful scenery - what a fantastic first experience in the North!  Oh yeah, and the fishing was amazing too!  Thank you Ken & Edie for everything, hope to be back!

Dave S. - Lethbridge, AB

Unbelievable cooking, warmth and hospitality.  All the feelings of home.  Great experience.

Ron C. - Ventura, CA

Best food, fishing, hospitality ever!

Paul J. - Ventura, CA

August 2014

A wonderful experience and great hospitality.  I hope I get the opportunity to come again.

Wendy S. - Caledonia, ON

Thanks for the great experience!  How lucky we are to have met you both & shared in your piece of paradise.

Karen & Chuck D. - Yellowknife, NT

Great food, great fishing, great time "The bread guy"

Dave Z. - Aurora, ON

Wonderful establishment, Ken & Edie, you are wonderful hosts!  Fishing was great!  Food was delicious! Beautiful!

Murray T. - London, ON

This has been a wonderful trip.  Hospitality #1.  We have been to numerous places and yours is #1

Kelly H. - Toronto, ON

Great fishing, good food.  Thanks for the fishing tips.  Will come again.

James W. - Whitby, ON

Thank you Edie & Ken!  Two of the most exceptional people in one of the most wonderful places on earth!  Tell "Big Bertha" I'm coming back for her!  Thank you to Vern Carson & Ken for making me a fisherman

Larry A.  - Chicago, IL

Thank you for a wonderful time.  My boyhood dream of fishing for Arctic Grayling was fulfilled.  The host and hostess were remarkable.  Edie's culinary abilities are awesome.  I hope the plane is able to take off, a few more pounds were added to my already plump frame

Bob T. - Peoria, AZ

September 2014

The stay at Hearne Lake was the end of a great stay in the NWT.  Edie, your food was spectacular.  You accommodated my dietary needs in a very tasty way.  The lodge is very comfortable with a refreshing hot tub.  Enjoyed the fishing.  Lake Trout are a blast to catch.  Looking forward to coming back.

Howard J. - Barrington, IL

Thank you so very much Ken & Edie.  You have a spectacular lodge and I am grateful for the amazing hospitality, exceptional food and very welcoming atmosphere.  I can't wait to return and spend more time on your lake and in your company.

Chris - Yellowknife, NT

Mahsi Cho Ken & Edie.  This week has been one of the best times of my life.  One great experience every day with nothing short of amazement.  I've been on many fishing trips, but this one tops them all.  The best decision in my life was to buy "that duck".  Too many stories to tell in this book.  I truly believe this place changed me in a time when I needed it in my life.  Listen to the land and let the creator guide and help you.

Paul B. - Yellowknife Dene First Nations

It was a great escape at exactly the right time and covered a gambit of weather for a great variety of activities.  Great food, beautiful accommodations and wonderful company.  Thank you for the awesome hospitality!  Best Wishes, Merci Beaucoup

Sylvie & Martin Rourke - Yellowknife, NT

Thank you for your patience and opportunity to develop a relationship with The Fly Kid Foundation.  Your passion and generosity is truly inspirational.  We had truly a wonderful experience with the group and time with each other.  Thanks for being "out there"

Brian & Melanie H. - Yellowknife, NT

Ken & Edie, Thanks for the great hospitality.  Weather was tough but fishing was good.  Ken can fix anything, Edie, with your cooking, I think I gained 5 lbs.

Paul P. - Knoxville, TN

One of the best filming destinations I have ever had the pleasure to visit.  Countless Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Lake Whitefish all on the fly.  My right arm is like rubber from all the fish we caught and released.  Great food, especially the fresh bread.  Can't wait to come back!

Phil Rowley - co-host The New Fly Fisher

James Burke - Cameraman The New Fly Fisher

June 2013

An extraordinary experience!  A genuinely fulfilling week.  The next opportunity, we will return.

Bill & Arletta - Alberta, Canada

Great Fishing - Great Food & Great Lodging.  I'll try to be back

Lavond W. - Kansas, USA

I had a spectacular time, thank you so much for the great times!

Robin J. - Alberta, Canada

Well you guys did it again!  Most amazing time and mostly it was great seeing you guys again.  See you next summer.

Frank B. - Alberta, Canada

Thanks once again!  Had an amazing time and I will see you soon!!

Erin B. - Alberta, Canada

The best eating and fishing that I have had the pleasure of being part of in a long, long time.  Thanks to you both and I will be back again.

George L.  Alberta, Canada

The trip was complete when I got to see my son catch the biggest fish in his life.  I didn't plan on it being the biggest of my life!  The first thing my wife is going to ask is "how were the bathrooms?", they were great as was everything else.

Darryl S - Chicago, USA

July 2013

Wonderful experience!  To quote a famous person "Mamie Eisenhower" This was a mental cocktail.  I will certainly be back.

Russel C. - Alberta, Canada

Great times, great fishing, great people!  Had a blast with friends and coworkers.  I will be back for more fish!

Tom P. - Alberta, Canada

It doesn't get any better than this.  Great hosts, great friends, great facilities!.  Great fishing from the time we got off the plane, everything has been first class plus Ken and Edie go out of their way to ensure their guests have a great holiday.  A beautiful part of our great country.

John T. (Happy Hookers)- Ontario, Canada

All our fishing needs thoughtfully provided by Ken and wonderful meals provided by Edie, she should have her own cooking show on TV!  Great folks to hang with.

Jim W. (Happy Hookers)- Ontario, Canada

Fantastic!  Ken and Edie never let up and did a great job making our time in their home fantastic - equipment, food and accommodations were great.  Will recommend to others.

Ron W. (Happy Hookers) - Ontario, Canada

After 30 years of fishing at different locations in Canada, Hearne Lake Lodge, was by far the best experience for accommodations and service.  Trout and Pike fishing was also one of the best experience.  Most of all Ken's and Edie's professional and personal service cannot be surpassed.

Vic J. (Happy Hookers) - Ontario, Canada

The trip to Hearne has to be in the top two trips I have gone on.  Everything at Hearne was excellent, food, fishing, Ken's set up of the boats.  The trip for Grayling was a wonderful experience.

Robert F. (Happy Hookers) - Ontario, Canada

Thanks a lot for everything, awesome time, best hospitality, excellent food and fishing.

Hank B. - NWT, Canada

August 2013

We spent 5 days here at Hearne Lake Lodge.  The fishing was absolutely incredible!  Ken and Edie are fantastic hosts.  We were well looked after, weather was amazing and so was the food.  We will definitely be coming back.  This was the fishing trip of a lifetime!  Can't wait for next year.  Thank you Ken & Edie.

Kevin and Jay, Leduc, Alberta

This was our 2nd family fishing trip to Hearne lake Lodge.  We enjoyed every minute of it fishing.  Jayden caught a total of 36 fish on Carter's 36th birthday and the biggest was 36 inches........WOW!!  We had an amazing trip and will be back next year!!

The Rycroft Family - Alberta, Canada

Thank you for another great trip.  We had a great time as usual and the food is always great.  See ya next year.

Dave & Cranna - Alberta, Canada

September 2013

My 12th visit to Hearne Lake Lodge.  This place has become my second home.  It gets better every year.  Ken and Edie are wonderful hosts.

Jim A. - Minnesota, USA

Great food, great people.  Such a special place.  Will be back!

Steve K. - Wisconsin, USA

Food and company was amazing.  Had a great time fishing and got some great pictures of the northern lights.  I will be back for sure.  Loved it!

Dale R. - Wisconsin, USA

Left depressed as I lost 2 Mr. Green Jeans "Hot Lips" lures.                                                          There are no words to describe the scenery, hospitality and fantastic food!!  What wonderful memories, Thank you Ken, Edie, Polar and Attie.  Will really miss you but we will be back!!!

Mike & Barb T. - Wisconsin, USA

Ken & Edie; Awesome.  A word that is often used but seldom in the correct context.  Our week with you was truly awesome!  It is remarkable to think in a land as big as the Territories you can still find a little piece of "home".  The scenery is spectacular!  This fishing - phenomenal!  The hospitality - 2nd to none!  We will keep in touch and hopefully I will be able to convince my wife to bring our daughters to this majestic place (I am not certain that you can put car seats in a Turbo Beaver).

Ryan R. and Len E. - Alberta, Canada

Thank you so much for making my holiday memorable.  Everything was wonderful from your warm welcome, gracious hospitality, great meals, help with fishing the lake, boats and engines in great condition, a clean, warm and inviting lodge, and great fishing.  Did I mention the GREAT meals?  You both do it well and you know that I will be back again.

Ross S. - Alberta , Canada

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